DCS Baltics inspects and maintains the whole buildings from top to bottom, inside and out, as part of a flexible maintenance plan tailored to your needs and budget. We take the guesswork and the legwork out of preventive maintenance and minor repairs throughout your home and on your property. We can call on Service Partners in DCS Baltics for special repair.


Service for preventive buildings maintenance

Are your windows and doors weather-proof?

Does your home exterior need power washing?

Are exhaust fans clean enough to vent properly?

Are marble or granite surfaces in kitchen or bath areas in needof cleaning and re-sealing?

Do your air and furnace filters need changing?

Any signs of leaking faucets or pipes in the kitchen or bathrooms?

Do your gutters need to be cleared of leaves?

Is your family room in need of a paint touch up?

Are door knobs and hinges loose or creaking?

These are just a few of the vital home functions we monitoring part of your maintenance plan with DCS Baltics

A qualified team you can trust for services


Our Service Team includes Lead and Staff Service Technicians – journeymen with specialized expertise as well as a strong overall knowledge of home construction and repair practices. Unlike a typical ‘handyman for hire’, every technician is trained in preventive maintenance to meet DCS Baltics quality standards and your satisfaction. We assign a crew familiar with your home and maintenance plan, and a dedicated Project Manager actively manages quality control through our Customer Service Center.